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Domestic Logistics Services

Domestic logistics transportation services refer to services that transfer goods from one location to another through

different transportation methods (such as road, railway, air, water, etc.).
Logistics and transportation services cover most industries, including e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

International shipping: import and export containers, Bulk carrier, and those requiring import and export customs declaration.
Domestic mainlines refer to flights between large cities, such as SHA-PEK.
Goods distribution activities serving urban and suburban areas. Urban distribution refers to logistics activities that process, package, divide, and assemble goods in economically reasonable areas according to customer requirements, and deliver them to designated locations on time.
Traditional warehousing refers to the activity of using warehouses to enter, store, and exit various materials and related facilities and equipment. Modern warehousing refers to the addition of processing, sorting, and packaging within the warehouse on the basis of traditional warehousing. Warehousing is one of the important links in production, manufacturing, and commodity circulation, as well as an important part of logistics activities.