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Engineering logistics is an important part of modern logistics. It takes Third-party logistics as the main operation mode, has the characteristics of one-time implementation, overall relevance, process uncertainty, technical complexity and process risk, and has a key impact on the completion of products or the realization of goals. 
American expert John Ben pointed out that "engineering (a project) is a one-time task that aims to achieve a predetermined quality level within a specified budget within a certain period of time." John Ben summarized the two basic characteristics of engineering (a project): first, subjective characteristics, that is, the management subject, managed objects, and management methods must be organically combined; The second is the objective characteristic, which must possess the attribute of a single task. 
Engineering logistics is a special and one-time logistics activity that requires a systematic approach to planning and designing logistics systems, managing and controlling logistics processes, arranging and utilizing logistics equipment and technology. Engineering logistics consists of two basic elements: "engineering" and "logistics". When these two basic elements exist in independent forms, they have a general meaning; When the relationship between the former and the latter is modified and limited by the former, its meaning becomes somewhat constrained and no longer fully follows the original explanation. In practice, engineering logistics mainly solves the logistics organization activities with comprehensive and complex contents, such as construction projects, rescue support, large-scale exhibitions, large-scale relocation, and wartime logistics support. Its characteristics are high risk, strong timeliness, one-time, generally requiring a variety of special transportation, hoisting and other equipment, a variety of transportation modes, and a number of different logistics enterprises to cooperate, so most of them have typical Third-party logistics characteristics. 
According to the practical scope of engineering logistics, its concept can be divided into broad and narrow senses. In a broad sense, engineering logistics refers to all logistics activities with engineering characteristics. According to this definition, its research scope can include construction logistics, exhibition logistics, moving logistics, emergency logistics, wartime military logistics, and special logistics. Narrowly speaking, engineering logistics refers to construction logistics, which refers to the logistics services provided by logistics enterprises in a certain stage or throughout the entire process around the construction project. The purpose is to provide the investor with the safest guarantee and greatest convenience through the professional technical services of logistics enterprises, significantly reduce project costs, and ensure the timely completion of engineering projects. These services sometimes include the entire process of equipment procurement, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, fixation, installation, and recycling for construction projects. However, whether in a broad or narrow sense, the theoretical system and research methods of engineering logistics are basically the same and belong to the same type.

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