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International road transportation

International road freight transportation refers to the process of international goods moving across two or more countries or regions along a highway with the help of a certain means of transportation, playing an important connecting role.
Introduction to Features
1. Time difference benefit;
2. Long distance benefits;
3. Transportation quality and efficiency, fewer loading and unloading links in road transportation, small cargo damage and difference, and relatively small proportion of losses;
4. Limitations of highway transportation: small load capacity, unsuitable for loading heavy and large goods, unsuitable for long-distance transportation, and usually higher freight rates than waterways and railways.
The characteristics of highway transportation determine that it is most suitable for short distance transportation. It can connect two or more modes of transportation, achieve joint transportation of multiple modes of transportation, and achieve a "door to door" service for import and export goods transportation.
2. Highway transportation can cooperate with transportation vehicles such as ships, trains, and airplanes to complete the entire transportation process, and is an important means of collecting and distributing goods at ports, stations, and airports. Especially fresh commodities and port consolidation and rush transportation can often play a role that other transportation methods cannot play. It can be said that other transportation methods often rely on automobile transportation to ultimately complete the transportation tasks at both ends.
3. Highway transportation is also an independent transportation system that can independently complete the entire process of import and export goods transportation. Road transportation is one of the most important ways of transporting import and export goods between Domini di Terraferma countries. China's Border trade transport, Hong Kong and Macao cargo transport, a considerable part of which is also completed by road transport independently.
4. Container goods are transported by road to achieve international multimodal transportation. The container is transported by road from the delivery point to the port for loading, or vice versa. Both land bridge transportation in the United States and multimodal transportation in mainland China through Hong Kong can be achieved through road transportation.

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